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Max Capacity 24pages

Max Capacity

Max Capacity



The Swivel Series solve the problems associated with the conventional long-arm and fixed type staplers and add merits to them.
The stapler head swivels in 360 degrees in this series, which allows you to staple from 12 different angles at the same place. It is ideal for a variety of tasks including making a brochure by stapling at its center, making a box, and creating arts and crafts. Stapling at a diagonal position is also quite easy.

Staples ETONA-26/6(1M), ETONA-26/6(1MC)
ETONA-26/6(5M), ETONA-26/6(5MC)
Max Capacity Normal/24 pages
Swivel in 90 degrees/12 pages (64g paper)
Dimensions(D x W x H) 213 mm x 78 mm x 78 mm
Weight 385 g
Colors Handle/Gray, Base/Lightgray
Attachment One box of ETONA-26/6(5M)
360 degrees SWIVEL head, How to load staples
360 degrees SWIVEL head How to load staples

Staples ETONA-10(1M), ETONA-10(1MC)
Max Capacity

Normal/15 pages, Swivel in 90 degrees/8pages

NB: The staple edges will hold apart from the paper surface when you staple more than 16 pages. Please press down the staple edges with the metal remover equipped at the back of S-11 for the safety purpose.
In case the staple edges carries gaps with the paper surface even when stapling less than 15 sheets of paper, please make sure the edges should be pressed down to the surface of the paper for safety.

(D x W x H)
135 mm x 25 mm x 52 mm
Weight 89 g
Colors Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red,
Pastel Light Blue, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green
Standing Upright Economizes the space and Enables a quick grab. Free Hand Operation Without holding the body,
S-11 stands upright, while stapling at 90 degrees positions.

Staples ETONA-26/6(1M),ETONA-26/6(1MC)
Max Capacity Normal/24 pages
Swivel in 90 degrees/12 pages
Dimensions(D x W x H) 138 mm x 40 mm x 60 mm
Weight 90 g
Colors Gray, Pink